Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Switzerland

LEAD! teams up with Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne. LEAD! embarks on its first collaboration with HEMU in a project dedicated to developing effective leadership in aspiring section leaders.

In a series of tailored workshops, LEAD! has invited a selection of mentors who will coach and prepare the students to develop the leadership and communication skills needed to become successful orchestra leaders. Our mentors for this project are leaders who have worked with the Vienna Philharmonic, the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the London Philharmonic Orchestras. Teachers from IDHEAP (Institut de Hautes Etudes en Administration Publique) will be joining the sessions, which will all be led by our Artistic Director, Jukka-Pekka Saraste. The sessions will be supplemented by roundtable discussions on the subject of communication, the different facets of authority, and using one’s true personality in leadership situations.

22-25 January 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland
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NRW Orchesterzentrum, Dortmund, Germany

LEAD!’s first project with NRW Orchesterzentrum, Dortmund
LEAD! connects with NRW Orchesterzentrum with the aim of honing the skills of developing orchestra leaders and to explore the potential of using one’s true personality in music.

LEAD! continues its work with its first project in Germany, this time with students from the NRW Orchesterzentrum in Dortmund. The project will focus on developing leadership and communication skills in the context of orchestra playing — we aim to provide special guidance for section leaders as well as offering workshops which are relevant for all members of the orchestra.

March 2019, Dortmund, Germany

Conducting masterclass

LEAD! also offers the opportunity for a selection of talented young conductors to be a part of the project. Conductors will actively participate in leadership training sessions, where they will have the opportunity to observe the orchestra’s internal structures and functions as well as receiving feedback on their own performance.

The masterclasses will focus on giving concrete information on the subject of interpretation pertaining to the different instruments and groups in the orchestra. There will be an emphasis on how to communicate effectively with section leaders and concertmasters with the aim of achieving the precise results desired by the conductor.


Meet our mentors

“Every conductor and soloist knows how essential a good mentor is, and it’s no different for orchestra members and leaders”

LEAD! mentors