Fiskars provides the backdrop for a new summer festival and provides a base for Lead! Foundation’s Mentorship Programme

LEAD! is delighted to announce that it is in the process of founding its own summer festival in Fiskars, Finland, which will run for the first time from 1st to 8th August 2020. This is the foundation’s very first independent festival, dedicated to supporting the emerging careers of young musicians and conductors by teaching leadership- and self-management skills. It will be a collaboration with the Finnish Chamber Orchestra, an ensemble of exceptional musicians from the leading orchestras of Finland.

The festival will form the framework for LEAD’s mentorship programme, which focusses on developing leadership skills in young musicians and conductors, and will include chamber music, discussions and workshops on the theme of leadership, tailored advice sessions on the music business, and an intensive masterclass for conductors, led by LEAD! founder Jukka-Pekka Saraste. Jorma Panula, Saraste’s former teacher, will be a special guest.

The festival will include daily concerts and activities open to the public, and will conclude with a symphony concert in the old Fiskars knife factory, with Truls Mørk as the soloist.

Themes of leadership, independence and knowledge of the classical music business will run throughout the festival, which is supported by Fiskars Village, and directed by LEAD!’s mentors –  leading musicians from top international orchestras. Jukka-Pekka remarks:

“I’m very excited about the Fiskars Summer Festival – my first organised mentorship scheme for young artists. During my professional life I have always tried to help musicians and young conductors wherever I can, but I find the context of LEAD! the most inspiring and well-suited for giving support – working with both musicians and conductors together to produce the maximum for a musical performance. It’s about how an individual can collaborate constructively and contribute his or her utmost to a musical performance, and showing them how to do this”.